Video for Businesses       
Video allows you to deliver a custom message to your target audience, in house; or, around the world. ●  Everyone hears the same, consistent message. ● It's much more effective to show an employee performing a task than trying to describe it with words. ● Video is much easier for people to understand when trying to show minute details of intricate mechanisms. ●  Time-lapse video or editing that speeds up a process into a few minutes makes it easier to understand than real time. Real time costs extra.  ●  Video has immense power when trying to influence people, such as contributing to a fundraiser; or, participating in a company pride project. ● Video is cost effective.  It's much more financially sound to create the perfect message that is to be distributed with video, than to pay trainers or presenters to travel the world who present the same message. ● Trainees can watch a training video at their own self pace. ● Video is convenient.  Employees or customers can log on to a website at their convenience.

At MDI Video, our award winning team works well with corporate clients, advertising agencies, and professional talent; and, we can give you a competitive advantage by providing a wide range of video, multimedia, and other creative production services in either standard or high definition.
image Services that we provide:

  • Audio Editing & Production

  • Business Promotions

  • Corporate Communications

  • Corporate Events

  • Customer Education Projects

  • Digitizing

  • Duplication & format conversions

  • DVD authoring

  • Employee Development
  • Fashion shows
  • Final Cut Pro editing [we're Apple certified]

  • High Definition cameras [true 100Mbps]

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Motion graphics

  • Multi-camera Switching

  • New product announcements

  • Trade Show Playback
  • Radio commercials
  • Sales Meetings
  • Shake compositing
  • Single camera coverage
  • Training
  • T.V. commercials
  • Website videos